Birth + Baby Course

Physical Therapy & Healing for your body and baby's body.



Physical therapist-lead video course to walk you from pregnancy through 3-months of your little's life.

Authored by Doctors of Physical Therapy:
Dr. Bethany Peterson, DPT
Dr. Merritt Sizemore-Rawitch, DPT

Price: $185

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Why we created Birth + Baby

It's difficult to care for your own body when you're giving everything you have to your newborn! You deserve to have full control of your own pregnancy and postpartum experience.

For You:

  • Prepare your mind and body for delivery.
  • Know all of your delivery options.
  • Know your options for pain relief.
  • Advocate for yourself with your doctor and in the hospital.
  • Heal from perineal tear
  • Care for cesarean scar
  • Breastfeeding considerations
  • Learn correct breathing techniques for all stages.
  • Improve mobility after delivery
  • Monitor your own healing milestones
  • Safely return to exercise, sex, and other activity postpartum.

For Baby:

  • Parent and baby bonding
  • Positioning and head turn preference
  • Breast feeding considerations
  • Infant massage for digestion
  • Visual tracking
  • Monitor head shape progression
  • Tummy time progression for all stages 0-3 months
  • Rolling and kicking milestones
  • Recommended toys and activities
  • Mom and baby exercises
  • Know if/when early physical therapy intervention is necessary.


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Third Trimester Pregnancy

• Pelvic Floor PT for pregnancy
• Pre-labor exercises
• Preparing mind & body for labor


Labor & Delivery

• Pain management
• Advocating for yourself
• Understanding all delivery options


Postpartum Fourth Trimester

• Postpartum healing
• Safe return to activities
• Infant physical therapy and milestones

Why this matters to us

What you experience during pregnancy should not be a mystery! After years of working with moms and becoming moms ourselves, it baffles us how much information is kept from women during and after their pregnancy.

Information is power. Women should know their options and be in control of their own birthing stories.

Birth + Baby is here to unveil the mystery behind pregnancy, delivery, and the first 3-months of motherhood. We want you to know what to expect from your own body, how to help yourself heal, and what to look for in your growing baby to make sure he/she is on track, too.

Written by Physical Therapists who also happen to be moms.

Dr. Bethany Peterson, DPT

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
Well+Core Physical Therapy

Dr. Merritt Sizemore-Rawitch, DPT

Pediactric Physical Therapist
Children's Mercy Hospital

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