Kansas City area providers we trust

If you’re looking to connect with a provider who is safe, trustworthy, and will listen to you, here’s a list of some of our favorites. Most of these are Kansas City-area providers, but some also offer digital or remote offerings. 


If you are not very comfortable with your OBGYN, it is A-okay to look for a new one. You should feel empowered to communicate openly, ask questions, and take an active role in your own health journey. If that’s not how you currently feel, it may be time to explore other options.

Town Plaza Women’s Health: Town Plaza shares similar beliefs and values as Well + Core. We connected almost immediately on topics around compassionate and trauma-informed care. Dr. Rachel’s experience with Dr. Ahmed has been excellent and life-changing.

Women's Health Associates: We trust any provider in this group, though we've had an exceptional number of good reports back on Dr. Reagan Wittek. 

Dr. Aleshia Thompson at KU Med: Still in her residency at KU med, Dr. Thompson is already developing a stellar reputation. She makes her patients feel safe and listened to, and is incredibly knowledgeable.

Rockhill Women’s Care: With locations in Johnson County and Lee’s Summit, the group of OB/GYNs at Rockhill are amazing. They are not owned by a big hospital or corporation, so they very much fit our vibe of being able to spend extra time with each patient.



Looking for a midwife? These providers focus on empowering you as a patient and guiding you through the birth experience with you in the driver’s seat.

Sacred Song Homebirth: Focused on homebirths, Sacred Song’s highly qualified midwives are there to support you along the way. Should your homebirth turn into a hospital birth, they will accompany you as your doula.

Research Medical Center: If you prefer to deliver in a hospital but would still like midwife support, HCA Midwest Health has a very established and trustworthy midwife program.

New Birth Company: Striking a balance between home birth and hospital birth, New Birth Company has a beeeeeautiful birthing center right here in town. They’ve hosted 3,000 births with only 7% of moms transferring to a hospital during labor.


Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists

As pelvic floor physical therapists, we frequently refer to mental health specialists. Your body holds onto trauma, stress, and anxiety in amazing ways. And, those things can manifest in physical dysfunction and disease. Sometimes, the best medical care you can seek out is mental health care.

New Narrative Therapy: Shannon Kirby is part of our Whole Health Collective, which means our patients can just walk across our office to hers :)  Specializing in grief, anxiety, postpartum depression and transition, parenting support, couples therapy, and more, Shannon is one of the original visionaries for bringing this Whole Health Collective together.

Daybreak Family Therapy: Introduced to us by Shannon and also part of our Whole Health Collective, Morgan Mills specializes in anxiety and stress, adolescent concerns, depression, self-esteem, relationships, life transitions, and more. We’ve loved having her in the office!

Kate Neely: Another trauma-informed therapist we’d trust with our lives! Kate has an extremely empathetic approach and believes strongly in supporting you through the journey you want for yourself.

Advantage Counseling: We often refer clients to Alex Howard who are facing relationship-related struggles or trauma. Full transparency, Alex is Dr. Rachel’s brother, but we feel that gives us even more insight into his outstanding character.

Kristin Suttle: Specializing in anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, Kristin is another trusted therapist who leads with compassion and an emphasis on building a trusting relationship with her clients.

Stephanie Womack: Located up in the Northland, Stephanie Womack is all about transformation. She utilizes Polyvagal Theory and EMDR to help her clients process trauma and to teach self-regulation. Just ask our friend who runs our Well + Core marketing how much Stephanie has changed her life ;)

Leah Betzen: Leading with empathy and humor, Leah is a no-nonsense therapist who is not afraid to give a little tough love while also supporting you in whatever stage of your life journey you find yourself in. Our childfree friends who want to focus on romantic relationships, career, or just life in general tend to have a lot in common with Leah.

Ticum Therapy: Morgan and Thomson Ticum and their team are highly empathetic and trauma-informed therapists with a wide variety of specialties. They are also an excellent option for Spanish speakers!

Wild Hope: The women who run Wild Hope are forces of nature. Dr. B used to share an office with them and can attest to their extremely high character and levels of compassion for their clients. We highly recommend anyone who works here!


Dieticians and Nutritionists

These are NOT your average dieticians and nutritionists. We’re not about restrictive eating here at Well + Core. We’re about learning how to fuel your body with what it needs to feel whole and healthy. We frequently team up with these businesses to help our clients sort through hormone imbalances, digestive issues, irregular periods, and much more. Both Lindsay and Claire are also conveniently located inside our Whole Health Collective.

Lindsay O’Reilly Nutrition: Specializing in functional nutrition and thyroid disorders, Lindsay helps her clients put together personalized nutrition plans to support their very specific health needs.

Clarified Nutrition: Focusing on functional nutrition for gut and hormone health, Claire Walsh is all about helping you feel good without restricting you from foods you love. Her ability to de-code bloodwork has helped us get to the bottom of many of our patient’s hormone issues!



There's a myth out there that chiropractors and physical therapists don't get along. Just like in any field, it all boils down to the skill and trustworthiness of the provider. These are some of our faves who we refer to frequently. 

Thrive KC Chiropractic and Wellness: Another Whole Health Collective provider, Dr. Bethany Long takes a whole health approach with her chiropractic practice. She has done wonders for many of our patients, including pregnant and postpartum patients and their babies!

Journey Chiropractic: A long-time friend, Dr. Jess Bohlke, is another provider dedicated to your whole health. She also specializes in prenatal and postpartum, as well as infant and pediatric chiropractics. Dr. Jess and Dr. B have connected a lot on their respective adoption journeys as well!

Delta Chiropractic: No surprise, we have a lot of connections in the perinatal and pediatric community! Dr. Abby Stanley is another area chiropractor who we trust with our pregnant and postpartum patients wholeheartedly!


Gyms and personal training

You’ve heard us say over and over again that “movement is medicine.” When we vet gyms and personal trainers, we’re looking for people and organizations who understand that bodies are different, rest days are important, and not all exercise programs are one-size-fits-all.

KALOS Experience: A super interesting combination of in-person fitness classes in a beautiful and welcoming space. KALOS Experience also offers a video library of fitness classes and does an excellent job bringing in other health professionals to give talks and workshops.

Crossroads Training KC: Kristen Jukes is one of our favorites here! If you live or work downtown, this may be the fitness option for you. They also have a really tailored online fitness program you can sign up for and utilize from home.

Emily Matteson Fitness: Emily could have also fit in our nutritionist category because she does both! Check her out if you’re looking for in-person or online one-on-one training and/or nutrition consulting.



We admit, we didn’t know a lot about acupuncture a couple of years ago. Fast forward to experiencing some massive pain relief and nausea relief during pregnancy, we’re big believers. We refer all of our patients who need it to Grace Family Acupuncture. They are miracle workers!


Lactation consultants

For anyone who is newly trying to breastfeed and struggling, a lactation consultant can be worth their weight in gold. We haven’t always had the best luck getting hospital lactation consultants to spend enough time with us (or our patients) in the room when needed. These are fantastic resources to contact once you get home!

Nourish and Flourish: Lindsey Gustafson has been a labor and delivery RN for 12 years, and is now using her expertise as a lactation consultant. She’s super supportive and helpful and is available to work with you in your own home.

Nurture Lactation: Sarah Hartenberger is an excellent lactation consultant and the founder of Nurture Lactation KC. Her and her team offer a variety of courses, home visits, and in-clinic visits at their location in Lee’s Summit. She also speaks Spanish!

Prepared Beginnings Lactation: Morgan Jackson is another whole-health advocate here in the Kansas City area who really focuses on your feeding goals. She has courses and services that are beneficial while you’re still pregnant, all the way through weaning your baby.



Bloc Births: Heidi Mills is a powerhouse when it comes to advocating for and supporting her patients no matter where or how they’re giving birth. Now, she’s built a team that offers more support and availability than ever.

Lauren Steinke: Lauren is a warm and comforting presence and will steer you in the right direction and keep you calm throughout your experience. 

Hannah Niehues: Hannah is a birth and postpartum doula and women’s embodiment guide, creating a warm and safe space for women and their families. A space to be seen in their experience, empowered in their desires and equipped with the practices to take them deeper into their own experience of their life. Her work focuses on personal empowerment within motherhood, offering guidance and support to women seeking a deeper connection to themselves and their birthing experiences. 

Pediatric physical therapist

If your kiddo is experiencing difficulty reaching the right milestones at the right time, a good pediatric physical therapist can work wonders. We personally use Katie Shipley, PT, DPT, at  Nurturing Touch KC. She is so kind, patient, and knowledgeable when it comes to treating kids!


Wellness centers and spas

Haven Wellness and Spa: One of the most inviting spaces we’ve ever walked into, Katie Brock has created an amazing little haven right here in Overland Park. You will find an eclectic mix of massage, hypnotherapy, Reiki energy healing, and a number of other healing and spa services at her shop.

Jill Delgani at Very Well KC: Jill Delgani is a licensed massage therapist practicing out of Very Well KC, and she’s so good we think she might be magic. She’s trauma-sensitive and has a body-positive approach that we love.


We hope this helps point you in the right direction if you’re in the Kansas City area looking for referrals! There’s nothing like receiving care from someone who truly understands you and listens to you.

If you have other providers we should look into, feel free to send their contact information to admin@wellcorept.com. We’re always looking to add to our referral list and will continue to update this page over time.