Dr. Bethany Peterson, DPT

Hi! Welcome to Well+Core Physical Therapy. I am a Kansas City local physical therapist with advanced training in pelvic health. My goal is to empower women with health, strength and recovery through treatment of pre and postnatal conditions, pelvic pain/dysfunction, dyspareunia (pain with sex), diastasis recti and incontinence. My focus is on nurturing the patient-therapist relationship and providing individualized, one-on-one care. Education and whole person wellness are strongly emphasized within my interventions and treatment plans as I am very passionate about my clients taking ownership of their progress. I look forward to caring for you and being a part of your journey to recovery.

I also have additional areas of expertise in neurologic rehabilitation including the treatment of Parkinson's, SCI, TBI, stroke and spasticity. I completed my bachelors and doctorate of physical therapy at Creighton University (Go Jays!) and have completed advanced courses in pelvic health with emphasis in prenatal and post-partum pain and disorders.

Here’s a little background on how this practice started - after having a c-section, increased stress with a baby in the NICU, and 2 rounds of mastitis, my body was having a rough time healing. After helping others for 5+ years overcome their physical obstacles, I started my own rehab journey. Through this journey, I started doing additional research and advanced training courses in pelvic health. I am excited to provide a friendly, comfortable space for healing. I believe that movement should be pain free and that physical therapy is an essential part of healing and maintaining wellness. Can’t wait to meet you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or just to tell me where you are at in your wellness journey.


Do you take my insurance?

We accept all people, regardless of your insurance company. However, I am Out-Of-Network with all insurance providers. This does not mean that we cannot help you. You can choose to receive a Superbill which you can submit to your insurance company for Out-Of-Network reimbursement. I also take HSA and FSA.

Under insurance contracts, we are limited to how much time we can see you and what treatments we are allowed to provide. Insurance will often only cover treatments per condition or body part. We don’t want insurance companies and Medicare dictating how we treat patients and we don’t think you should either.

Contact me via phone (text/call) or email for a free 20 minute virtual consult to see if this is a good fit for you.

What is pelvic floor physical therapy?

Women’s health and pelvic physical therapy involves a detailed examination of the pelvic, hip, lumbar, and lower extremity region in order to prevent, identify and correct dysfunction that leads to pain and disability.

It is NOT “just kegels”. In fact, most women are doing kegel’s inappropriately. YES we want your pelvic floor muscles to be nice and strong to promote easy bowel movements, urination and pain free sex; however we also want those muscles to work optimally. A pelvic floor physical therapist can complete a thorough examination and develop an individualized plan for you for optimizing YOUR pelvic floor. This can include an internal examination if necessary.

Do I need a physician referral?

Yes and no. In the state of Missouri, clients are able to book a Physical Therapy Evaluation with or without a physician referral. To continue with treatment I will then send your PCP or OBGYN a copy of my evaluation findings to then receive a script to continue treating.

What does a typical physical therapy session look like?

I will do a thorough examination of the pelvis, lower back, pelvic floor and lower extremities to assess and determine an appropriate treatment plan. This may or may not include an internal examination of the pelvic floor musculature. I will then provide education and treatment and we will set goals as a team in order to come up with a personalized treatment plan for you. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call/text/email me for a 20 minute free virtual consultation to see if Well+Core PT is a good fit for you and your goals.

What is a wellness session?

A wellness session is an exercise session with a board certified physical therapist (Dr. Bethany Peterson). Here are some examples of appropriate wellness sessions:

  • - You have finished your rehab with another provider (or myself) and would like to continue exercising with the guidance and supervision of a PT.

  • - You and a couple of friends are post-partum and looking to do a fun group workout together, but are worried about doing something too strenuous or unsafe. I will lead you through a safe group workout and we will get our sweat on!

How do I book an appointment?

Please call or text 913.303.0978 to book a free 20 minute virtual consult, at the end of this consult we can set up your first session. Otherwise you can use the online booking feature to set up a PT evaluation, treatment, wellness session, or prenatal class.


Didn’t find an answer to your question?

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