Labor and Delivery Prep and Practice Class

A physical therapy-focused course to prepare your body for your childbirth experience.



Date: Saturday, June 1

Time: 1:00-3:30 PM CT

Where: Well+Core Office
5001 College Blvd. Suite 102 Leawood, KS 66211

Only 10 spots available!

Course Agenda and What To Expect

We're bringing you a 2.5 hour labor and delivery crash course to help you feel more confident and empowered going into your childbirth experience.

This course includes education, demonstration, and practical application of…

  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy so you (and your partner) know exactly what's happening to your body
  • Exercises and strategies for preparing your body for labor, delivery, AND postpartum healing
  • Practicing proper core contraction and how to push  
  • Exploring and practicing a variety of laboring positions
  • Understanding how to connect with your body  
  • Pain management techniques  
  • Utilizing perineal massage  
  • C-section prep and education  
  • Postpartum recovery techniques, exercises, and advice for the first two weeks after delivery  

We are only opening limited spots for this event so that we can make sure we answer every question and spend time working with each individual.

Labor and Delivery Prep and Practice Class

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Preparing your body and mind for labor and delivery can make an extraordinary difference in your birthing experience. We want to arm you with an arsenal of tools that you can use to protect yourself and your baby throughout the birthing process.

We highly recommend bringing your birthing partner with you. It’s important that both of you are on the same page BEFORE it’s time for baby. The more you educate yourselves, prepare your body ahead of time, and practice for the big day, the better you’ll both feel!

In addition to the in-person course, you will also receive...

  • Take-home educational material
  • Entry into our Well + Core Circle Community
  • A special discount for our virtual Birth + Baby Course


More events to come!

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