Gift Guide for Women Who Are Pregnant, Postpartum, or Just Prioritizing Self-Care

Let’s just get this out of the way upfront: period underwear and organic lube aren’t the most traditional stocking stuffers in the world. But honestly, wouldn’t it be nice to add a few self-care items to your Christmas list this year that will make your life a little more comfy?

Don’t be shy about dropping a hint to your partner or snagging a few gifts just for you this year. Scroll to find my list of top recommended products that range from super-sexy all the way to extremely practical. What I can promise you is, your body will thank you for remembering your own wants and needs this holiday season!

Gifts for Pregnancy: Added comfort and support for the mom-to-be.

baobei Belly Band: Support your core and get relief from that nagging lower back pain

Birth+Baby CourseThis is Well + Core’s very own virtual course for pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatric PT! It’s more than 30 bite-sized videos that will prepare you for your third trimester, birth and labor, and those first 3 months after baby arrives.

Underwear: You deserve to be comfortable through every layer of clothing! Get some undies that fit and feel good too.

Supportive Maternity Leggings: Similar to the belly band, these leggings offer core support and lower back pain relief. And they look super cute while getting the job done!

Gift Card to Pelvic Floor PTSo many women are just now discovering the benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy. A lot of my patients ask about gifting an appointment to a friend or family member after experiencing it for themselves!

Chiropractor Gift CardFinding the right chiropractor to help keep you comfortable throughout your pregnancy can be a total game changer. If you’re local to Kansas City, check out my friend Dr. Jess Bohlke. She’s amazing.

Pregnancy PillowIf you’re pregnant and don’t have one of these yet, you’re missing out. Almost every single one of my mama friends have said this is worth its weight in gold. I like this one because it’s supportive in the right places without taking up the whole bed, making it a great nursing pillow postpartum as well!

Yoga MembershipThere are not words to express how amazing yoga is for your body, especially when it’s going through all the changes that come with pregnancy. My friend Hannah with Sunflower Yoga offers virtual yoga programs that are life changing.

Birthing BallIf I could get every pregnant woman one gift, this would probably be it. It will do wonders for your hips, core, and general strength and balance long before delivery day. Make sure you have it handy for comfort during labor, and it’s a great place to bounce/rock baby postpartum too!

Comfy Tennis ShoesDo NOT underestimate how much of a difference your shoes will make in your overall comfort! Plus these ones don’t have laces - no bending over required :)

Maternity/Nursing BraConvenient, comfortable, and you get to use it postpartum too!


    Gifts for Postpartum Moms: Make healing a little more comfortable.

    UnderwearHigh-waisted, supportive, organic and super comfy whether you’ve had a c-section or a vaginal birth

    Period UnderwearThis is great for the last few days/weeks of lighter bleeding and will help you feel a little bit more normal :)

    Belly BandI included this again just in case you scrolled right through the pregnancy section. This is a great band to wear postpartum if you feel like you need support. PLEASE NO WAIST TRAINERS

    Pelvic WandRecovering from delivery is no joke. A pelvic wand can help prepare you to get back to fun activities with your partner. These are best used under the supervision of a pelvic floor PT and AFTER you’ve taken plenty of time to recover after delivery.

    Vaginal MoisturizerUsing a vaginal moisturizer postpartum can help with tissue healing especially if you’ve had a vaginal birth. Free of hormones, organic and ultra safe. Use it like you would use a face moisturizer in the vaginal opening and perineum.

    Uber Lubeaffiliate link: Needs no introduction. One of my favorite silicone based lubes.

    Postpartum Pelvic Floor PT AppointmentI know, I know. Once baby is here, all eyes are typically on them. But you owe it to YOU to keep yourself healthy, happy, and functioning well. Your body has just been through the wringer!

    My Brest Friend PillowHealthy breastfeeding posture is bringing “baby to boob, not boob to baby.” My Brest Friend will save your back, shoulders, and neck from pain caused by hunching over!

    Organic PadsIf you’ve ever looked up the ingredients in the most popular feminine hygiene products, you know you need to be careful about which products come into contact with your vagina!

    Tush Baby: Affiliate link - For every mom who has ever held a child on their hip, this one's for you. My kid absolutely loves this! Great gift for grandmas also - my mom uses this with my 30lb toddler all the time!

    Moby WrapOne of my favorite wraps for snuggling up with baby while you’re on the go. This is a great option for the newborns.

    Ring SlingThis is another really great wrap option! I used this one most as Lydia grew and was more mobile (Don’t forget, your partner can also take a turn with these!)

    Yoga MembershipYoga was one of the best avenues for healing my own body, mind, and soul after I gave birth to my daughter. My friend Hannah from Sunflower Yoga makes it incredibly easy to do from the comfort of your own home.

    Maternity/Nursing BraFinding a few you love is key to your convenience (and sanity) once baby arrives.

    Dermoplast Spray for Perineal TearsA must-have for anyone experiencing postpartum pain, burning, or itching after tearing during labor.

    PeribottleThe easiest-to-use postpartum healing cleaner out there. MUCH better than what most hospitals send you home with.


      Little Gifts for Women Who Are Prioritizing Self-Care:

      Vaginal MoisturizerUse like a face moisturizer if you are experiencing vaginal dryness from postpartum, long term birth control use, menopause, or you just have dry skin because….winter. Free of hormones, organic and ultra safe. Can be used on the vaginal opening and perineum.

      Pelvic WandIf you experience any pain with intimacy, this could help! IMPORTANT: Consult a pelvic floor physical therapist to decide the best course of action before you use this! Every case is different.

      Coconu LubricantNatural, organic, and water-based.

      Good Clean LoveOrganic, ultra sensitive that is a super safe way to improve lubrication during sex. Also water based for use with toys or pelvic wand.

      VibratorThis one speaks for itself ;) No shame in the toy game.

      Boric Acid (Honey Pot) - For Yeast InfectionsNatural way to improve your vaginal pH and treat the start of yeast infection.

      Organic PadsTreat yourself and your vulva kindly :)

      Saalt Menstrual CupI looove my Saalt menstrual cup. Take a quiz at to make sure you’re fitted for the cup that will be most comfortable for you!

      Organic TamponsOnce again, only the cleanest stuff for your vagina!

      Period UnderwearThese are all the rage right now, and for good reason! This is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to feel clean and dry during your period. Make sure you are buying ones that are organic cotton for best vulva care :)

      Uber LubeForever one of my favorites! Silicone based, make sure you are not using with silicone toys or pelvic wand :)

      Pelvic Floor PT AppointmentI see women of all different ages and stages of life. It’s so common that we let pain, discomfort, and dysfunction become a part of our normal just because we don’t know what to do about it. Treat yourself to a pelvic floor physical therapy appointment to discover a new normal that’s much healthier and happier!

      Yoga MembershipOkay, okay. I put this one in EVERY section just because I don’t want you to miss it.


        If you’re on the fence about a certain product for you or a woman in your life, shoot me an email or a DM on Instagram and I’ll do my best to respond quickly!

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