Well + Core 2022: Partnerships, new services, and more whole health coming your way!


Even before I was a business owner, I loved the end of the year. I love to review the past year and how much growth has happened, and make goals and plans for the year to come. This year, I get to share those plans with all of you!

Here’s a little bit of what you can expect from Well + Core in 2022!

Launching Partnerships with Mental Health Practitioners and Dieticians

There are SO many factors that play into your pelvic health. In 2022, you’re going to see more Well + Core content and partnerships with my friends in closely related fields. I’m working with mental health practitioners who can speak more to trauma related to your pelvic floor pain and dysfunction. And, I’ll be working more with dieticians to bring you amazing resources about nourishing your body for even better vaginal health.

Hormone Health Course with Clarified Nutrition

This is one area I’ve seen a lot of interest in with my clients and on social media. My friend Claire from Clarified Nutrition is working with me to develop a digital course all about nutrition and hormonal health. We’re so excited to roll this out to you all soon!

Getting Dry Needle Certified

Early in 2022, I’ll be offering dry needling services to my Kansas City area clients! I’ve benefited so much from dry needling when it comes to relieving pain and tightness especially in my neck and shoulders. For my patients who suffer from sports-related injuries, muscle pain, and even some pelvic floor related dysfunctions, this is a really big deal!

Building Community

Being involved in an active community of supportive women can make a world of difference when you’re overcoming pain or trauma, or trying to reach new health goals. I have a lot of ideas of how I want to connect women online, and in person. The goal is to bring more “whole health” programs to better serve every area of your life while offering accountability and education on improving your overall health! The more we can work together to improve confidence and knowledge in women’s health, the better we’ll all be!

Monthly Well + Core Whole Health Newsletter

I believe that transforming and maintaining your health starts with education. In 2022, I’m launching my Well + Core Whole Health monthly email newsletter that is completely free. In it, I’ll be sending you advice and resources straight from the professionals. We’ll be talking in-depth about topics that matter most to you - nutrition, mental health, parenting, intimacy, relationships, exercise, all kinds of things that the women in my office and in my DMs are asking about.

WOW I already am pumped and planned for 2022. I can’t wait to see what else pops up during the year and where we end up next December.

The best way to be notified of new announcements when they happen is to follow me on Instagram. If there’s anything you’d specifically like to see, please reach out via email or social media. Happy Holidays and I’m looking forward to 2022!